Thursday, October 27, 2011

Here is one of the strip sets and main fabric that I will be playing with at The Gathering next weekend. My friend and I are taking a two day workshop with Louisa Smith. It took four full days this summer to pick the fabrics (all from my stash), cut the 1 1/2" strips, and sew them into one big strata. I cut four strips from each fabric, so this weekend I will try to sew either one more big strata or a few smaller ones. Got to be prepared!

I cut this quilt last week and spent the weekend sewing up at Sunapee. I managed to get the top done, wasted no time quilting and finishing, and made some pillows from the leftovers. I bought the border fabric from Quilted Threads at a sale a few weeks ago. The rest of the fabrics came from my stash.

I have finally organized most of my stash and it is pretty easy to see what I have. It is downright inspiring! It took years to get my studio cleared of exercise equipment and put up storage, but it's done. I took photos of the mess, both in the house and studio. Since then we have made a few improvements and it is a good reminder of how far we have come, even when it seems overwhelming. This old house is a constant project, and occasionally we have a burst of  renovations, then we take a break, so it is never caught up. But we are never bored!